Dream of: 27 April 2012 (2) "Repairing A Dilapidated House"

A little compassion might be good for business.

I had gone to a huge dilapidated gothic Victorian house on the west side of Fort Worth, Texas. I had recently purchased the house but I hadn't yet entered it. When I walked up onto the small portico, the door opened, and through the open door I could see inside and could look down a set of stairs into the basement. A rough-looking man was standing in front of me in the doorway. After speaking with him I was made aware that he and three other men were living in the basement, and I could see the other three standing nearby. Obviously vagrants, they looked filthy.

Although I now owned the house, I knew that I wouldn't be able to work on repairing it right away. So thinking that I might as well take advantage of the men's living in the house, I asked the men if they would be willing to pay ten dollars a week to stay in house. One said yes, but the others seemed to growl uncertainly. I quickly realized that the chances of my actually obtaining any money from the men were slim.

I stepped inside and started walking around to inspect the place. In disrepair, the house would need a substantial amount of work. I walked into one room where a woman was standing and I saw a nice dark- wood kitchen table and chairs. Other furniture was also sitting around the house. People seemed to be living throughout the house and I concluded that thirty or forty extremely poor people must be living there. I thought I surely should be able to collect some rent from them.

Then, in one room which seemed like a living room I came upon a bizarre sight. A black woman was in the room and a completely naked black girl was lying on her stomach on the floor. It was a terrible sight. The girl (perhaps eight or nine years old) was futilely trying to crawl across the floor on her stomach. Emaciated, her butt looked smashed in and her legs weren't working. The girl was obviously extremely ill and looked as if she could die at any moment. I said something to the woman and she laconically answered that the girl was in bad shape.

I walked back out into hallway where I discovered a group thirty or forty well dressed people who had shown up. They seemed to be taking a tour through the house to see how these kind of poor people lived. As the tour group headed up some stairs to the second floor, I tried to make known to them that I was the owner of the house. When everyone seemed to ignore me, I shouted out that I was the owner. They then seemed to give me more deference, but they still didn't acknowledge my authority.

In the group was one very attractive blonde woman (around 40 years old) who was standing right next to me. She was much older than the age of woman to which I was accustomed, yet I found her enticing. She moved closer to me until we were pressed tight against each other and I could feel how firm her body was. I knew that I would obviously be able to have sex with her if I wanted. I started thinking about where we could do it. The house was too unclean. I would have to go buy a new sheet at a department store and come back. But that would take too long. I could just take her to a motel, but that would cost seventy or eighty dollars, and I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much money just to have sex with her.

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