Dream of: 17 April 2012 "How Great Thou Art"

If you think you hear the voice of God, pay attention.

I must have been standing outside the doors of a church - the words of an old church song I used to know were going through my head, "Oh mighty God, how great thou art."

When I walked through the doors, I was given a hymnal and I took my place in the congregation. The singing began and I looked at the music on the open page of the hymnal which I held in my hand. The people were singing "How great though art" and I joined in. I thought I knew the words by heart from when I was a child, but I had to read along, as the wording was more complex than I had realized, and the specific words, "How great thou art" were only a small part of an elaborate song.

As I sang, I realized that this music, which I had thought I disdained, was actually my favorite kind of music. The words were so clear and precise and meaningful. Not some modern garble. Surprisingly, this simple music was something to which I could relate and which uplifted me more than any other music.