Dream of: 30 March 2012 "Living Funnel Cloud"


As my mother (around 60 years old) and my ex-wife Carolina (about 20 years old) were riding with me in a car which I was driving through Texas, I suddenly spotted not one, but several funnel clouds. I started looking for a place to seek shelter and spotted a few houses in the sparsely populated area. I thought we would hurry into one of the houses when one of the funnel clouds was close to us. Although most of the houses were ranch-style without basements, I saw a couple large houses which definitely appeared to have basements.

When one of the funnel clouds moved closer to us, I pulled up to a big two-story modern house. I stepped out of the car and walked to the basement door, which appeared to be held shut by a flimsy dirty-white shoestring.  I thought I could simply pull the door open if I wanted. I pulled it open slightly, looked through the crack and saw a woman standing inside at the top of the basement stairs. I asked her if we could come in and she indicated that we could. My mother (who seemed somewhat demented), Carolina, and I walked into the basement. I knew I needed to keep and eye on my mother so that she wouldn't wander off.

Several people - mostly elderly - were in the house, most of them upstairs. I was concerned that they needed to descend into the basement. I kept looking outside and keeping an eye on the funnel clouds. One large black one was drawing close. I thought we needed to crouch down against a wall on the side of the house where the tornado would hit, not on the opposite side where the debris would be blown toward us.

I began vividly imagining what would happen when the tornado hit and I could even imagine the awful sight of some of the people in the house being swept away.

I looked out again and saw a gigantic black funnel cloud with various white objects swirling around in it. The woman whom I had originally seen at the top of the stairs had come down to the basement and was now standing beside me. I told her to look outside at one of the black funnel clouds which was only a block away. As we watched the cloud hit a large house and completely demolish it. The house simply vanished inside the funnel cloud.

The woman gave me an uncertain look as if she wanted to say something to me but as if she wasn't sure whether she should say it. Finally she told me that the tornadoes were after me because I had "run away with" Carolina. She was indicating that I should have never married Carolina. I didn't think she knew what she was talking about. However, I began noticing something quite strange about one particular thin black funnel cloud which I was watching. At first the funnel was zigzagging around, then suddenly it simply stopped in one spot only about 100 meters away. As I looked straight at the funnel cloud, it almost seemed as if it had a living spirit and as if it were searching for the next house to hit. It was a frightful sight. It almost seemed to have a face at the bottom and it almost seemed to be looking for me. I definitely thought I could sense something alive in the funnel cloud. I didn't want it to see me, lest it come for me.