Dream of: 23 May 2012 "Condensed Dreams"

The words that matter are those which are heard after death.

I was talking with someone in a class about a book of dreams which I had written. The dreams in the book had been condensed together into a very dense form with a style of writing that seemed to resemble that of Dante. In fact, the writing so much resembled Dante's, that the setting of the room began to seem as if it were in the middle ages in the time of Dante.

The classroom seemed to be in some sort of religious school. I could look past a wooden door which gave onto an outside platform and I judged that we were on the fourth or fifth floor of the building.

As I was talking with one fellow about the book, another man (around 30 years old) walked up. He was dressed in thick brown cloth. When he walked over to the open wooden door, I knew exactly what he was going to do, and I watched him jump out the door. I was close enough to the door so that I could see down the four or five stories to the ground below and I could see the reflection of where the man had landed. Clearly he was dead. Someone cried out, "He's dead!"

I watched as people picked up the body and put it on a little cart. As they started to haul the body away, I noticed that one of the man's eyes had opened and was moving. I exclaimed, "He's not dead!"

But no one paid any attention to me and they continued hauling the body away.

Copyright 2012 by luciddreamer2k@gmail.com