Dream of: 02 September 2012 "Damaged Window"

for the guilty, life is like a criminal trial

I'm sitting at the rear of a crowded courtroom. A heavy-set fellow with light-brown hair (probably in his mid 20s) is sitting on my right (he somewhat resembles Brandon, a congenial fellow to whom I have sold a couple houses in Portsmouth). I'm here to give him moral support and perhaps some legal knowledge in a case in which he is a criminal defendant who will be put on trial today; I can't actually represent him as an attorney because we are in Ohio and I'm not licensed to practice law in Ohio.

The case against the defendant isn't entirely clear, but I have somewhat of a vision of a big rectangular white-framed window which the fellow is accused of damaging, perhaps in an attempt to break into a small white cottage. It seems established that the fellow went to visit a woman at the cottage and that the woman wasn't home when the fellow arrived. When the woman later returned to her home, she found the man-high, ground-close window damaged at the front of the cottage. She subsequently accused the defendant of damaging her window. Since apparently the only evidence in the case is the woman's testimony, I'm unsure who actually damaged the window. I have a vague image of a man standing in front of the widow with his hands on the window, but I'm unsure of the identity of the man. 

The defendant doesn't have an attorney and he has precious little idea of how to defend himself in this case. I have the vague sense-impression of two prosecuting attorneys in the court room, and wonder if the prosecutors have the requisite evidence against the defendant. I doubt that they even have a picture of the window or that they have any other tangible evidence, and I feel certain that they don't have an eyewitness of the crime in process. All they have is the fact that at some point in time, the defendant was present at the scene of the crime. I'm thinking about motions which the defendant might make to dismiss the case.

The defendant's name is abruptly called and he walks alone to the front of the courtroom. I suppose its conceivable that I could petition the court to represent the defendant in this one case. I could explain to the judge that I'm licensed to practice law in Texas, and that I actually am an attorney, only not licensed in Ohio. But the thought doesn't linger long.

I have a different head-on view of the defendant when he takes the witness stand. Its something like looking at a painting. He's crouched over in his chair with his arms lying on his legs and his hands held together around his knees. He seems to be sitting in a darkened recess with a light shining on him from behind and splaying out all around him. He is obviously in spiritual agony, uncertain of what to do next.

Now he simply seems to be standing with the prosecutors in front of the judge. I hear the male judge announce that since it is already sometime around noon today, the case will be postponed until tomorrow morning. The defendant turns and hurries back to me. He reaches me and we direct ourselves out of the courtroom. Actually, I'm disappointed. I think that the prosecutors don't have any evidence and that the judge is giving them a chance to gather some evidence together. If the prosecution did not already have a picture of the damaged window, now they will be able to obtain one.

I'm unsure whether I will return to court with the fellow tomorrow, but I can still give him my thoughts about the case.

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