Dream of: 29 July 2012 "On A Carousel"

as long as you live you're not set in stone

I seem to be in a little 1950s-style apartment into which my family apparently has moved. I'm looking out an upper-story window unto the outside world, much as I might have done when I was a young child. My view is blocked by a sharply defined, trimmed tree right in front of the window. The tree has been cut straight across the bottom and I try to lower my head to look out the window under the bottom of the tree, but I still can't see anything.

Another common bush found in  front of homes is also growing outside the window. Obviously the bush has been well-trimmed, which indicates to me that someone cares about the maintenance of this place.

Looking from a different perspective, I manage to see sufficient landmarks outside to recognize this area as Chillicothe and Fourth Street in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio, right in the commercial center of town which at the moment appears to be thriving with people and cars much as it might have done in the 1960s and 1970s. I seem to be on the second floor of a building which stands where the old Kresgee Department Store used to stand. Looking out the side of the red-brick building, I can see the name of the building chiseled in the pale-beige limestone lintel.

From my vantage point I'm looking down on the busy intersection of Chillicothe and Fourth Streets and I see something which I've never seen in Portsmouth: something which looks like a small carnival carousel sculpted out of stone. Instead of horses being on the carousel, several rock statues of men (probably war veterans) are standing on the carousel. Nearby, behind an iron gate, in the shadows, also stands the life-sized bronze-colored metal statue of a man who is probably dressed in battle armor. I do seem to recall having seen this statue just a few days ago when I was jogging, but I don't remember having seen any of these statues prior to that time.

I wander down the stairs to the bottom floor and I exit the building onto Fourth Street. A city passenger bus is sitting right in front of me. Since I need some place to sit, I climb onto the bus and sit down on the floor right next to the driver. The bus is a bit somber and dark. At first I simply sit and look out the window, but suddenly with a jerk, I realize the bus has started moving. I stand and walk back down the aisle which is completely filled with black men and women in the first 4-5 rows until finally I spot empty seats in the last rows and I sit down. I pick up a blue tee-shirt lying on the armrest next to the window and I throw it on the floor. I figure a black man had been resting his head on the tee shirt and had left the filthy thing behind. For a moment I think about keeping it but I decide against it.

I sit down and the bus is soon rolling along a country road. I'm a little confused because I had thought the bus would only travel a city route. Now I'll have to pay for the full trip to the end of the line in the country and for the full trip back to town. Since I have the money, I'm not going to worry about it. I figure the whole trip will last about an hour. I look out the windows as the bus continues down the road.

 The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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