Dream of: 22 July 2012 "Drowning Horse"

how happy he who rescues that which he loves

I am watching a scene on television - apparently a news program - broadcasting the attempted rescue of a beautiful pale-brown horse struggling to survive in a raging sea. Only the head of the horse can be seen in the thrashing water. A couple other horses are also floundering nearby in the water, but the focus is on this one brown horse. Someone on a nearby ship is trying to rescue the brown horse with a long pole fitted with a circular rope-hoop tied on the end. The person is trying to pass the rope-hoop over the horse's head and pull the horse to the ship - perhaps 30 meters from the horse, still a considerable distance in which to master the long pole and rope - and even though the hoop is twice passed over the head of the horse, the hoop slips back off both times. I'm concerned that even if the hoop is tightened around the horse's neck, the rope may still cut off the horse's air and the horse will die anyway.

I seem to recall having already seen this program, but I can't remember what happens - whether the horse is rescued or whether it drowns.

The tension-filled situation looks desperate and suddenly the horse sinks beneath the surface. But just as quickly the horse's head bobs back up. To my relief, the hoop is finally slipped securely around the horse's neck and the horse is slowly pulled toward the boat.

 The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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