Dream of: 19 July 2012 "Change Of Style"

style is best appreciated by those who have it

Contemplating the art of writing my dreams, I intend to change my style of writing and concentrate more fully on each different element which appears in a dream. When I notice something in particular in a dream, I will focus on that element until I feel comfortable enough to include the element in the dream

I have been reading A La Recherche du Temps Perdu by Marcel Proust and he has influenced my vision of the world. As I walk from room to room in the house in which I now find myself, I look at the different objects which I see and I reflect on them more slowly such as Proust might have slowly focused on one subject at a time in each paragraph which he wrote.

As I concentrate one at a time on each object which I encounter, I think I would also like to include pictures with my dreams when I write them. I think of my Kievian friend Kateryna with whom I have been reading Proust. If I ever have another dream in which she appears, I might want to attach a picture of her to the dream. I recall her Facebook profile picture - in which she's wearing a brown dress - as well as other pictures which I have seen on her Facebook page and I conclude that I should probably download those pictures of her so I will have my own album to chose from if I want to attach a picture of her to a dream which I might have of her. Once I haven chosen which picture of her I want to use in a particular dream, I will contact her and ask her permission before I actually use it. I know I recently had a dream about her and I attached a picture of a map of Ukraine to the dream. Instead of a map, a picture of her might have better adorned that dream.

As I continue walking around my large two-story house and continue concentrating on individual objects, I appreciate the complexity of including so many diverse objects in a dream, but I figure if I devote a paragraph to each object and weave the paragraphs together the way Proust patiently wove his diverse paragraphs together, I can improve the pace and the style of my writing.

When I walk outside and find myself in a familiar middle class area of my home-town Portsmouth, I reflect on how well I know so many streets in this particular section of town. I'm on 21st Street. I even recognize some of the houses which I pass. If I dream in the future of houses like these, I will be more descriptive. Description is the key to writing. My dream-writing will be a series of descriptions, one after the other, tenuously tied together in separate paragraphs, the way Proust tied his diverse paragraphs together. One little vignette will follow another until the dream is complete. This style and method of writing a dream seems much more mature to me.

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