Dream of: 18 July 2012 (2) "Lost Without The Law"

I am in the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). A dignified elderly gentleman (probably in his 70s) who lives a couple doors down stops in to visit. (He resembles Mr. Kuhn, a Portsmouth real estate attorney whom I know). He steps inside and we converse about a particular group of politicians who work in the government. After he mentions that many lawyers are in that group, I quip, "I'd be lost without the law."

I hadn't been sure whether the man is a lawyer, but when he says that he would also be lost without the law, I realize that indeed he is also a lawyer. I reflect that although I am a licensed lawyer, I don't actively practice law anymore, but I still rely on my knowledge of the law in many matters and I know that I would be seriously lost without that knowledge.

I reflect that the age difference between the man and me isn't great. Even though he is a little older than I, he still practices law, but I figure he probably won't practice law much longer.

As we talk, he says something else and I answer "yea" as if I understand what he has said. However, I actually hadn't understood a single word and I began to feel guilty for having answered as if I had. Maybe he said something important and he will now always think that I had understood him. A misunderstanding might always exist between us. I wonder if I should fess up and tell him that I hadn't really understood.

While we've been talking, the man has been busily cleaning up something from the floor. It looks like old heavy white wall plaster. He has put the small but heavy pieces into a tall wicker basket. Once the basket is full, he starts trying to carry it out. The basket has wire handles on both sides and when I see that he is having difficulty, I grab one handle and offer to help carry the heavy basket. He grabs the other side and together we pick up the weighty basket to carry out.

 The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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