Dream of: 18 July 2012 "Brain Dead"

I am lying half-asleep in my bed. Something seems to be wrong with my brain, as if its all clogged up and can't think. Although its getting late in the day, I can't seem to wake up and I feel as if my mind has shut down. I look at the clock and can't believe that its 4:30 in the afternoon. I can't seem to move but finally I force myself out of the bed.

 I know that a bunch of different people are living in this house, including my young ex-paramour, Michelle. I want to get out of bed and get moving because I want to find out what Michelle is doing. I know that she has been dating two new fellows at the same time, one named John and one named Howard, and that they don't know about each other. I also know that she is with one of those fellows right now.

As soon as I stand up, a fellow walks into my room and climbs into bed under the covers. Since I think this fellow might have some information about Michelle, I walk over to the fellow, and even though I know that he is gay, I put my face right next to his because I know that he is a friend of Michelle's and that he knows a little about her dating these two fellows.

He starts talking and mentions another fellow whom Michelle is dating named "David Lintz." He mentions that Michelle might be with Lintz. I have never heard that name before. The fellow says that Michelle had once before tried to go out with Lintz, but Lintz had turned her down. Now Lintz has changed his mind and wants to go out with Michelle. The fellow says that Lintz has told him that he would be now be able to "tolerate" Michelle. I reflect that Michelle is indeed often hard to deal with and I figure that Lintz probably simply wants to sleep with Michelle. 

I doubt that Michelle and I will ever be able to get back together, especially since she has all these other fellows running around after her. I'm mostly just interested in keeping an eye on her and seeing what she now does with her life.

 The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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