Dream of: 11 July 2012 "River Days"

art trumps moral laws

A woman (around 25 years old) who almost seems like my wife is walking with me in the park area on the banks of the Ohio River in Portsmouth where the annual River Days Festival is held. Some construction is taking place in the area, and as we walk along the green levy which runs along the river, we manage to ascend to the top of some new quaintly-constructed red-brick buildings and continue our walk over the roofs. As the roofs becomes too steep, however, I realize we have to turn around, and in the process, we are somehow able to slip into a room of one building.

Still up high in the room, near the top of some shelves, I notice a large book about eight centimeters thick lying atop one shelf. Written on the side of the book are two words: "(something) Law."  When I pick up the book, I notice that some post cards or birthday cards or something like that are tucked into the book. I hold onto the book as the woman and I descend to the room's floor.

I open the book and pull out one card. When I open the card, I trigger an audio recording inside the card as well as a little film which plays out inside the card which shows a scene from River Days. Fascinated by my find, I think I will simply take the book and the cards with me. I think they might belong to someone, but it looks as if they have probably been abandoned.

I find a couple more smaller hard-back books which I also decide to take. The books, however, are heavy and cumbersome and since I am not quite ready to leave, I think perhaps I can hide the books here somewhere in the building and pick them up later. I might also take all the cards out of the big book and hide them in a separate place. I don't want anyone to see me with the books because I'm not completely sure that I should even be taking them. Nevertheless, I'm already resolved to keep them, especially the pretty cards.

 The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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