Dream of: 10 July 2012 "Swan's Way"

    to change yourself, you must first recognize yourself

My father (around 50 years old) and I have gone on a trip and have been traveling around together. We have arrived at the shores of a lake where swans are swimming. I manage to place myself in the water with the swans and we circulate together over the surface of the water. Someone has thrown some bread to the swans who grab it greedily. I continue gliding along with the swans over the top of the water. Its a soothing experience.

Finally I climb out of the water, walk over to my father and lie down next to him. He hugs me and I put my arm around him.

Someone calls him on his phone. It sounds as if the caller may be a female relative, perhaps my mother. Apparently she wants me to come and see her, but since my father doesn't want me to leave, he simply hangs up.

I feel close to my father. As we stand to leave and continue with our trip, I reflect that we are probably closer than we have ever been. I wonder if our closeness will affect my father's decision about what he will leave me in his will. I hadn't thought he was going to leave me anything, but now that we have become close, maybe he will change his mind.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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