Dream of: 05 July 2012 (2) "Owl Friends"

the owl species make fabulous friends

I've made a habit of turning my car around in the driveway of a large two-story house. A fence runs along the length of the driveway, but no fence prevents me from entering the driveway. As I am once again turning my car around in the driveway, a muscular man (perhaps 25 years old) with short cropped hair walks out onto the porch and warns me not to turn around in his driveway.

The following day I completely forget and I do the same thing and pull into his driveway to turn around. The guy comes running out on the porch and warns me again. I explain that I hadn't completely understood the parameters of what I could do.

I pull out of his driveway and park my car. I'm somehow set-up on the property next door and I might even be living there. I enjoy being here and I don't want to have problems with the fellow next door which might force me to leave. I especially like it here because of what I have discovered at the top of a huge pine tree which stands in the yard.

With the aid of some wood stacked next to the pine tree, I am able to climb high to the very top where two owls are living. I have become friends with these two owls, who have a large nest. When I reach the nest, I find one of the dark brown owls standing before me and I stare at it. It has a bit of white on its underbelly. It is quite playful. I most love how it jumps into the air and does a back flip. It lands on its back and lies there, allowing me to pet it. It tolerates me in a good way.

I envision how I have seen this owl play with the other owl. In a memory which seems to float into the present, I also remember once when I was petting this owl how it grabbed my right thumb with its claws and held on tight. The owl hadn't been acting malevolently by grabbing me like that, even though I had been uncomfortable. Now, once again the owl has grabbed my thumb and won't let go. I'm thinking the owl might really be angry with me this time.

I'm afraid that the fellow from next door is going to do something to interrupt my friendship with the owl. That worries me most.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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