Dream of: 05 July 2012 "55 Dreams"

the happy art of assemblage is beautiful in and of itself

I awake from a dream in which I was planning to write a book which would consist of 55 of my dreams. After writing the dream, I post it on the internet. I think the dream is telling me that I should compile some of my dreams into a book.

I want my Ukrainian Facebook friend, Kateryna, to see this dream. I'm unsure, however, whether I should first notify Kateryna about this dream, or whether I should first compile the book of 55 dreams.  

Since I recall that some of the actual dreams which would be in the book of 55 dreams were mentioned in the dream, I start reviewing the dream to study the specific dreams which were mentioned. Being that most of the 55 dreams are already book-ready, I simply need to assemble them into the book.

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