Dream of: 03 July 2012 (2) "Flittering Money"

your worst enemies are in your own mind


There has been a heavy rain. I've walked across a road and I am following a little creek, perhaps in a national forest. As I climb a hill, I watch the water rising in the dark and muddy creek. Suddenly blue water appears in the creek, as if water has been released somewhere upstream. Proceeding, I notice a little wooden rickety shed. Since the wilderness shed is open, I walk inside and discover some things stored here. First I find items lying on the floor, and finally I discover some plastic black cases about the size of  chain saw cases stuffed back under some dilapidated shelves. I open up the cases and discover leather jackets which appear to be in good condition. I also notice another particularly large leather jacket hanging in the shed. I'm not sure, but it looks as if someone has stored these items here. After looking at everything, I'm not interested in taking anything, even if it might have some marginal value.

The shed has suddenly started moving in a rolling motion and rolls right up to a house. I look out a window and I can see two men looking back at me from the house. I'm not sure, but I think this might be their shed. After a moment, the shed rolls back down into the woods whence it started. I step outside, worried that those two men might call the police on me. I look around and see a second shabbier house which is obviously empty and abandoned. I walk over to the empty house and walk inside. I walk admiringly over the wood flooring until I reach a door to another room. When I open the door, I'm startled because two men are sitting in the room on the floor. Both men wear trashy uncombed black hair and beards and each lords over a bottle of liquor in front of him. Obviously they are hobos who are squatting in this house.

Seeing these men of questionable virtue alarms me and rends me uncomfortable. I speak to them and comment on the admirable state of the sturdy house which does indeed appear salvageable. I am especially smitten by the hardwood floors.

At the moment however, I just want to get away from these two never-do-wells. I start easing backwards until I make my way to another room where I see a man lying under a cover on the floor of a large closet.

I return to the room where the two black-haired men were and I mention that I have been in the shed. Seeking to show authorization for my having been in the shed, I also tell them that the two men from next door already saw me in the shed. Then I inquire, "How many men live here?"

I hear someone respond, "Three."

I therefore figure these three men whom I've seen must be the only ones here inside the house.

I hear a car pull up and I go to the front door and see a SUV sitting outside. A young fellow perhaps 19-20 years old jumps out of the SUV. Another fellow is also in the SUV. Obviously these are the two fellows whom I had first seen in the other house. One of them says something about "calling the police." I know he's issuing a threat to me and that I need to get out of here. I'm still concerned about my being in the shed without permission.

Again in the room with the two men, I mention that the fellow out front had .".. said he was going to call the feds." Then I add, "Take that for what its worth." I figure this might alarm them somewhat because obviously they are trespassing here and don't want any run-ins with the police.

 Abruptly the third fellow from the other room walks in. Now I'm definitely worried because I know I have my billfold containing three or four hundred dollars in cash in my pocket. When I pull the billfold out because I want to hide it in a different pocket, some paper money somehow flies out of the billfold and some of it even falls onto the shoulder of the third man who is standing right in front of me. The money flittered around for a moment like a butterfly, then landed on the man's shoulder. Before the man even realizes that what has happened, I grab the money from his shoulder without his even seeing it. I can tell, however, that he senses that something unusual just happened.

The man looks at me and asks me a question about my attire. I see that I'm wearing brown bib overalls which cover almost my entire body. I don't even know where I picked up these overalls and I think I might have even obtained them from this fellow standing here in front of me. I say something to the effect that he can have the overalls.

By now, my greatest concern is that these three men might jump and rob me, or worse, injure me in some way. 

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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