Dream of: 03 July 2012 "Concerned"

your moral character is formed by thoughts and sensations, as well as actions

Its my first day at a new high school where I am starting classes. Another fellow with whom I'm acquainted is accompanying me, and together we walk over to the bar of a soda fountain inside the school, sit down at a booth and watch the other students walking around. One absolutely gorgeous girl with puffy blonde hair looks older than the others, perhaps 21-22 years old. Her sumptuous buttocks are encased in slacks. When she glances at me, I catch her eye. Then she continues about her business. I brag to my companion that I think I could make it with the girl. He seems surprised. When it appears that he intends to walk over to the girl and talk with her, I tell him not to do that.

Upon the girl's turning around and looking at me again, I motion to her to come over to me. When she does, I reach out with my left hand, pull her down onto my lap and say something to her. After she places her derriere on my left leg, I immediately begin kissing her.

The kiss is interesting. An excellent kisser, she allows me to put both my lips inside her mouth. I'm unsure whether she can feel that I have an erection, but I conclude that I'm obviously going to be able to have sex with the wench. When she mumbles that this wouldn't be the best place, I ask her where we could go and she says that we can go to her house and that her parents aren't home. I definitely want to make sure of that. She doesn't seem to be making herself perfectly clear on that subject and like a gong ringing, I suddenly wonder how old this girl is. When I inquire, she says, "Twenty-seven."

I scrutinize her face. I simply cannot believe that she is that old. When I ask her when she was born, I think she says, "2002."

She realizes she has made a mistake, then seems genuinely unsure of the year of her birth. Although she looks to be 20-21 years old, I'm concerned that she might be younger than that. I know I can't mess around with her if she's too young. This is an important issue, but at the same time, since she told me she was 27, and she looks around 20-21, I'm not overly concerned.

What does concern me is going to the girl's house and unexpectedly confronting her parents. That bothers me.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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