Dream of: 21 June 2012 "Wonderful Day"

I was in a car in what might have been a Latin-American country. With me was a little at-least partially  Hispanic black-haired girl who was only about two years old and who was my daughter. I had to stop the car for a minute and get out. When I returned to the car and started driving again, I realized that my daughter was gone.

Suddenly I received a telephone call and I answered. A man on the other end made known that he had kidnapped my daughter and that he wanted me to pay a ransom. The man said I could obtain the ransom money from my father. He talked about my father having about 15 houses and about my also having a couple houses. The kidnappers wanted $150,000 and they intended to guide me to the place where I was supposed to go.

When I arrived at the apartment-like accommodations where I was presently living, I continued talking to the kidnapper on the phone. Apparently at some point in the conversation I had said something about talking to God because more than once the kidnapper referred to me as the man who talked to God.

Now that I was in the apartment, I seemed to be able to hear the kidnapper's voice more clearly. Finally, I realized that someone was actually talking outside the back window of the apartment. Clearly the man on the phone was outside my apartment. He told me to come to the back window so that he could give me some keys.

I stepped up to the open window in the kitchen and saw the man standing outside. We were not on the first floor, but on at least the second floor of an old brick inner-city like apartment. Standing outside, apparently on a platform, the man pulled out three keys to give to me. Maladroitly he dropped one of the keys to the ground below. He handed the other two keys to me, then started climbing down to the ground to retrieve the other key. In the process, he left his key chain with all his other keys lying right there in front of me. I thought maybe I could quickly slip one of his keys off the keychain or even take the whole key chain, but I decided there wasn't enough time.

An Hispanic woman was in the apartment. She was probably in her 50s, plump, and had somewhat the appearance of a maid. She stepped up to me and asked me what was going on. I answered, "Sequestraron a mi hija."

When the kidnapper appeared again on the platform, before he gave me the third key, he asked me how my day was going. I replied sarcastically, "Wonderful."

He looked at as if he were taken aback and then he said something as if he was offended by my words. It seemed a little ironic that my daughter had been kidnapped, yet he was offended.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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