Dream of: 19 June 2012 "Madame Bovary"

effective literature turns fantasy into reality 

    Sitting at one of several desks in an office setting, I was compiling a book of several dreams which I had had about the literary character Madame Bovary, and as I worked, Madame Bovary herself walked into the office. I had actually met her before and I had previously talked with her. She was about 40 years old and bore a striking resemblance to Jane Fonda. Dressed in a black dress, she was extremely attractive. She was getting ready to go out on the town to some nightclubs.

She asked for a cigarette and I found one for her. I thought I might also smoke one, but since I couldn't find the pack, I was unable to do so.

We started talking. I was interested in learning one thing in particular from her. I knew that when she went into a nightclub, she was able to take her pick of any man she wanted since practically every man in the place would want to be with her. I wanted to know how she went about deciding with whom she would want to be. I particularly wanted to know what criteria she used to determine which man she would chose. She compliantly began trying to explain how she chose a man when she went out like that.

I vaguely had the feeling that she might even be interested in me, but I doubted it. She was out of my league. Besides, she was so much older than I, since I was only about 20 years old.

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