Dream of: 16 June 2012 "African Excursion"

only those who trust themselves find themselves

I was on the banks of a river which I had been traveling. Even though it was dark and late at night, I had intended to go on an excursion into a nearby swampy jungle area. I had been with other people but I had lost track of them. I had also lost my shoes. The whole area was covered with brown mud and I began looking for my white tennis shoes in the mud, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

A black boy (perhaps 12 years old) walked up and began helping me look for the shoes. I noticed that he was wearing black boots and I thought I would like to have something like that, but obviously his boots were too small for me.

As I searched, I realized I had also lost my billfold, but I quickly found it. I wondered how much money I had on me. I pulled about $20 in bills out of my pants pocket. I figured I also had about $30 in my billfold for a total of $50. I also had a credit card, so I figured I would be able to get by for the moment.

I also found something else which belonged to me: a white cardboard box about a meter long which contained some kind of black musical instrument something like Guitar Hero. I never actually saw the instrument, but I knew it was in the box.

I thought that we were somewhere on the west coast of Africa and I recalled that once before I had had the opportunity to take a trip down the west coast of Africa, but I hadn't done so. The boy and I walked out of the muddy area and into an area which looked like a large outdoor market with all kinds of booths. At first all the people were tall husky white men, and I thought they were all British. I assumed that the British had colonized this part of Africa and were in control here. I saw other white people who looked as if they were also there to take the same kind of excursion which I wanted to take.

Abruptly the boy and I reached an area of the market with only dark black people. We walked up to a booth where we could buy the tickets to take the excursion into the muddy jungle, even though I was still concerned about going without shoes. Apparently the boy intended to serve as my guide on the excursion. I somehow felt as if I could trust him. The boy handed $6 to a black woman in the booth for his ticket. I was a little surprised that he was paying for his own ticket. I likewise paid her $6 for my ticket.

I really did not want to lug this box with the musical instrument into the jungle and I asked the woman if there was someplace where I could leave the box. She indicated that I could leave the box in her booth. After I set the box down in her booth, the woman told me I had to close the box because it was open on one side. I fixed the box and set it back down. I was worried that someone might steal the box. However, since the box had already been lying around for a while and no one had taken it, I thought it would probably be safe there in the booth.

The boy and I turned to leave for the excursion.

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