Dream of: 08 June 2012 "Fooling Around"

    Honesty is the bane of temptation.

I was living with a very pretty woman (probably in her early 20s) and we had a child. While the woman and I were away from home, I came in contact with another girl whom I had never met before. She was about 20 years old, had black hair and looked exactly like Natalie Portman. She spoke to me and was very friendly - I could tell that she was coming on to me. But I only talked with her for a minute or so.

My girlfriend and I then returned home to the brick building where we were living in a large city. Next door to our building was a vacant lot where someone had set up an outside restaurant. My girlfriend and I went to the restaurant, and after she had sat down at a table with our child, I noticed that the second woman whom I had met earlier was also in the vacant lot, along with other people who were walking around.

I left my girlfriend and walked over to the second woman who had obviously been following me. I started talking to her and she quickly let me know that she wanted to be with me that very day. I was pleasantly surprised. When she pressed me to see if I would be with her today, I agreed that I would meet her later. She said something about "zip-zip" and I knew she was referring to a condom. I quipped, "Boy, you don't fool around, do you."

She replied, "No."

I told her I did have a condom and that she did not have to worry about that. Besides, I knew that I had had a vasectomy and that I couldn't have children. Nevertheless, I definitely wouldn't want to have sex with her without a condom.

We began trying to figure out exactly when I could be with her. I thought I could get away from my girlfriend for about an hour at about three or four o'clock. I wasn't sure where we would go. I would need to find someplace nearby where we could go for an hour. I did not particularly like the idea of only being with her for only an hour. If I were going to have sex with her, I would like to spend some time with her. I did not want to simply rush in and rush out. I would like to be with her for a few hours. However, it looked as if we would only have an hour together.

As far as being unfaithful to my girlfriend, I did not hesitate. I was definitely not going to miss the opportunity to be with this delightful creature. It was definitely going to happen.

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