Dream of: 02 June 2012 "The Seventh Comic"

heaviness from death's

gravity might lessen with


I had gathered up seven comic books which I realized all had something similar on the cover. Then I took away one comic which did not quite seem to fit in with the others and I laid the other six in a row in front of a bright-eyed girl (around fifteen years old) who seemed crippled and in a wheelchair. The comics seemed to have something to do with her.

When my father showed up, he and I began talking about an event which was supposed to take place today and as we talked, I realized the event had something to do with the moon. When I looked up into the sky, I saw two moons, one pale and off to the left, and the other bright and full, straight in front of us. Suddenly a red spot appeared in the full moon and I knew that the red spot was part of the event which we had come to see. I watched in fascination as the red spot grew and grew.

Meanwhile, the girl was holding in her right hand an object which looked like a metal circular ring about twenty centimeters in diameter. The ring seemed to be magnetized toward the full moon and the girl's arm raised into the air as the ring was pulled toward the moon. At the same time, I could feel what the girl was feeling, and I felt my arm rising toward the moon. I also had the feeling that the seventh comic would now fit in with the others.

In the vaguest way, the girl seemed somewhat like a woman whose dreams I sometimes read on a website called the Dream Journal, a woman whom I had never met and whom I knew by the name of "Fuzzyant."


even superstitions sometimes contain the truth 

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