Dream of: 22 May 2012 (2) "Homeless"

I was homeless. I did not know where I was going to live, but I thought I might be able to live with my ex-girlfriend, Michelle, who was living with her surrogate mother, Carol. I had a clear picture of Michelle in my mind. She was sitting in a bright room with a big smile on her face. She looked simply beautiful. I particularly wanted to live with her because she had the ability to turn into different animals and I liked to curl up next to her once she had taken on the form of an animal. Simply being with her made me feel good.

Upon further reflection, however, I doubted I would be able to live with Michelle. Carol probably wouldn't want me to simply move into her home. Besides, Carol's boyfriend David was living there with Carol and I definitely did not want to live with him. It looked as if I were going to have to abandon that idea.

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