Dream of: 16 May 2012 "Cliffhanger"

Plan your misfortunes with care, some are inescapable.

I was in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by my ex-wife Carolina (a black-haired Salvadoran-American around 25 years old, she now somewhat resembled my most recent blonde ex-girlfriend, Michelle), who was driving through the streets of Tehran, Iran.  For some unclear reason, she and I had traveled there to visit, and although we had only just arrived, we were now leaving. I told Carolina  that I had been there several times years ago and that I was now so happy that she was there to see what the place was like. I knew the place well - even the streets seemed familiar to me.

We were headed west, intending to journey to the western edge of the country and depart. Although we did not have a map, Carolina was following tiny little signs posted along the side of the road. I, however, was unsure that she was traveling in the right direction. Besides that concern, I also realized that we did not even have any Iranian money and I was concerned that we did not have enough gas to reach the border. If we were to run out of gas, I was unsure how we would obtain any. We did have some American money, but I was uncertain whether an Iranian gas station would accept American money. I told Carolina that we needed to stop at a gas station when we reached a quarter of a tank. We shouldn't wait until we were completely empty to look for a gas station.

As Carolina continued to drive, I became more and more unsure about the road. We were supposed to be on a major highway, but our road became smaller and smaller until it was no more than a narrow windy dirt road. Now I knew for sure that we were lost.

Although I had repeatedly asserted that I should be driving instead of Carolina, she had ignored my requests and she had insisted on driving. When the road finally became practically impassible, however, she seemed to acquiesce and she pulled the car over to the side of the road in a spot where the left side of the car was sitting atop a steep cliff. And then she managed to get stuck.

After we quickly exchanged seats, I climbed over behind the steering wheel and I started trying to negotiate the car out of its predicament. The car, however, had been parked in such a difficult spot, I was having difficulties. Carolina had managed to pull the car right up against a big rock in front, so my only option was to back up. When I started to back up however, I abruptly realized that the back wheels might slip over the side of the cliff. After I shifted the car back into drive, I heard the back wheels spinning: the car did not move, I was afraid I had already managed to back the rear of the car over the edge of the cliff. It looked as if we were going to be stuck there; the entire situation was proving extremely ominous.

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