Dream of: 08 May 2012 "Impenetrable"


I was sitting in the back seat of a car which my father was driving. A woman was sitting in the front passenger seat with my father, and another woman was sitting in the back seat with me. We were traveling west on Gallia Street through New Boston, Ohio, headed toward the neighboring town of Portsmouth, right in the area where I owned a vacant lot which I had been trying to sell. 

The woman in the back seat and I were talking about dreams. Something about her reminded me of an elderly woman whom I only knew by the name of "Toolbearer," the name she went by on a website called the "Dream Journal" where I sometimes posted my dreams. She seemed to be talking the way I would expect Toolbearer to talk. This woman, however, was probably only in her 40s.

I noticed that my father seemed to be listening to the fairly lively discussion which the woman and I were having. I thought he was curious to see how I actually talked with someone about a subject in which I was interested and somewhat knowledgeable, instead of talking about some mundane subject. 

As I listened to the woman ramble on and on about dreams, however, I began to wonder whether listening to her was of any value. I did not think that she understood other people's dreams (at least not my dreams) very well when she read them. I could not seem to formulate my thoughts well so that I could communicate with her and talking with her seemed rather futile. I did not say much because I was unsure that discussing the dreams with her would do any good.

To myself, I reflected that I used to think that other people's dreams were fairly simple to understand. Lately, however, I had begun to revise that opinion. Now, I sometimes tended to think that dreams were "impenetrable." Sometimes people were simply unable to understand dreams. Although the word "impenetrable" was reverberating in my mind, I did not actually believe that dreams were impenetrable. I concluded that some people were able to understand other people's dreams, and some people simply could not. Trying to help people understand other people's dreams did not seem to help much if dreamers were already unable to understand their dreams.

Like all virtues, patience is painful. 

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