Dream of: 29 April 2012 "Deconstruction"

concentrate moral renovation on small matters


As I was riding into Dallas on a bus filled with people, I was amazed to see that all the glass had been taken out of the beautiful Fountain Place Tower. It had been gutted inside. Apparently the building was being renovated and all the offices were empty.

As we continued, I also noticed that the circular top of the JP Morgan Tower was being taken off by a huge crane in the process of lifting off perhaps the top twenty floors. When I pointed out the building to other people in the bus, no one could believe it, especially since the top of the building was hanging precariously in the air not far behind us. When the crane finally dropped the top of the building into a hole in the ground, dust flew out of the hole, some even landing on us.

We passed an area where furniture and other items were sitting on the sidewalk. I recalled that this was an auction site and that I had previously visited a good auction there. I noticed a bed set which caught my attention, then noticed an old lion's claw bath tub. I mentioned to a woman sitting close to me that the tub was the kind which I had in my house. I was rather proud of my big old lion claw tub.

The bus stopped. People got off and started walking around the area where the auction was going to take place. Hundreds of people were present. I noticed many old fashioned typewriters. I thought that a special kind of item was sold every week and that apparently typewriters were being sold this week.

One woman remained close to me although she hadn't said anything to me. When I saw her standing close to a bottle of red makeup, I thought she was going to try to steal it, and sure enough, she picked up the bottle and stuck it in her pocket. I said something to her and used the word "brazen." Then I saw something which I might like: a cigarette lighter made from dark-red stone. I picked it up and carried it around, but I did not plan to steal it. I told the woman that I wasn't as brazen as her. I knew that I could lose my law license if I were caught stealing something. I finally laid the lighter back down.

I wondered if cameras were set up so people could be watched. Perhaps they were just waiting for someone to steal something. If I  had stuck the lighter in my pocket, they might have simply swooped in on me. 

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