Dream of: 28 April 2012 "Holy Water"

I was rearranging the inside of the Gallia County Farmhouse, into which I was planning to move. Pictures and knick knacks of my grandmother Mabel (1908-1997) were still hanging on the wall and her furniture was still there. I took down a coat rack which was hanging on the wall next to the stairs. When my sister (about 25 years old) showed up, I didn't say much to her, even though she seemed in a good mood. She didn't seem to be bothered by anything which I was doing. She looked good. I thought it would be enjoyable if we could have sex together, or at least some sex play. I knew she wouldn't be interested in that, but I still wished there there was some way we could do it.

I asked her where her husband was and she said he was in West Virginia. It sounded as if she said he was in Huntington. Apparently he worked for a newspaper company and delivered papers on Sunday. Since today was Sunday, he was delivering papers.

My grandmother Mabel (about 70 years old) showed up. She was a little grouchy and didn't seem to be in a good mood. She didn't seem to appreciate anything which was being done in the Farmhouse. I noticed that the coat rack which I had taken down from the wall was now back up on the wall. I mentioned to my sister that I would like to take a lot of the little pictures and things off the walls and rearrange things. I would like to clear off the walls and she agreed.

I noticed that my sister had taken a pillow and a light-blue cover off a couch and made herself a bed in the middle of the floor of the room.

I found a little white vial (about five centimeters tall) and some water spilled out of it. I realized it was holy water of some sort. I figured the vial belonged to my grandmother and that she had probably obtained it from a church. I didn't understand anything like that. I handed it to my grandmother who seemed to value it.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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