Dream of: 27 April 2012 (3) "More Than Coincidence"

Never underestimate the importance of coincidence.

I answered the phone and a fellow started talking to me about how he used to know me. I tried to remember who the fellow was but I simply couldn't, although I had an idea that he was an Hispanic fellow whom I had met years ago in Tarrant County, Texas, on the west side of Fort Worth. I still couldn't place him, but I thought his name was Benjamin.

He said he was calling me because he had had a dream about me the previous night. He said that in the dream he and I had gone to a house on the west side of Fort Worth and he described the house. He said that in the dream a car owned by my father had been parked at the house and that I had intended to sell the car.

I was astonished. I told him that his dream was incredible because I myself had dreamed about that very house the night before. And even more incredible, in my dream a car owned by my father had been parked in the basement of the house.

It seemed to me that our dreams' being so similar had to be more than coincidence. Something besides mere coincidence had to be responsible for such similar dreams. As I continued talking on the phone with him, I tried harder to remember who he was and I tried to remember what he looked like. My imagination became so vivid that finally I actually saw Benjamin sitting right in front of me. We seemed to be in some kind of cafeteria and other people were sitting near us. Since I wanted to see what someone else would think about the coincidence of our dreams, I turned to a stranger sitting at the next table. Before I began talking to the stranger, however, I asked Benjamin if he minded if I told the stranger about our dreams.

I began talking to the tall black-haired thin well-dressed stranger (about 30 years old) and I told him that Benjamin and I had had similar dreams the night before. I said Benjamin had dreamt about a house that he and I had once visited together years ago when I had been thinking about buying the house. In Benjamin's dream, my father had also owned a car which he was trying to sell at the house. I then told the stranger that I also had dreamed about that very house last night and that in my dream, my father had parked a car in the basement of the house. As I related the dream I could vividly see the car. I told the stranger that in my dream I had decided that I was going to have to sell my father's car and not tell him about it.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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