Dream of: 27 April 2012 "What A Life"

I was riding in the back seat of a car being driven by my step-mother. My father was riding in the middle of the front seat and my sister was riding on the passenger side of the front seat. We were riding on Route 52 past Wheelersburg, Ohio, about ten kilometers east of Portsmouth. My father said he had something important to tell me. He pointed toward the hills to the north and asked me if I could see off in the distance. I squinted and saw what appeared to be the lights of a distant city nestled far away in the hills. Although it was daytime, that area of the hills was dark so the lights could be seen.

My father said that he owned that entire town over there. I was amazed. Apparently he was extremely wealthy and he had been working on building that town for years. I mentioned that he had just told me a few days ago that he did not even own any houses. I told him he had lied to me, and he admitted it. It sounded as if he was telling me about the town now because he had changed his mind about his estate and he was going to give me part of the town.

I became extremely upset and angry to learn that my father had all this wealth which he had concealed from me. When my step-mother started talking in a friendly way about the situation. I retorted that she was two-faced. I said that she was only nice to me on the surface. When I indicated that I wanted to get out of the car, my sister said she would get out with me. But I was also angry at my sister and I told her that she had known about my father's wealth all these years and that she had been plotting against me. I thought to myself, "What a life I could have had."

I was thinking about all the hardship I had endured and what I could have done if I had been rich. I hollered out, "I hate you! I hate you all!"

I really did not hate them, however. I felt more numb toward them than anything. My step-mother pulled over and I climbed out of the car. Then she pulled off. I was really upset. I had started crying so hard that I was convulsing. I did not want to have anything to do with any of them even if it meant I wouldn't receive anything from my father.

I noticed an old brick school building beside the road and I saw a little circular area beside the building where I thought I could hide. I figured my step-mother would circle back around the block to pick me up, but I did not want to see them anymore.

I walked over to the school building and hid.

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