Dream of: 23 April 2012 "Caught In The Mirror"

Another fellow and I showed up at a house which resembled the home where my mother lived in Portsmouth, Ohio during my last six months of high school in 1970, the Grandview Avenue House. After the other fellow and I had walked into the middle room of the shotgun house, I was startled to see four women sitting there on a couch and a chair. I blurted, "There's four of them."

They were all probably in their 30s, older than the type of woman to whom I was accustomed. They were all made up with makeup, more than moderately attractive in a glitzy way. As I observed the women, men began showing up one after the other and matching up with the women until soon, none of the women were left. Other people showed up until quite a few people, including other new women, were present.

After a while, still uncertain whether to stay or leave, I stood and walked into the front room. A blonde followed me and stood right in front of me. She was also probably in her early 30s. She said that several women had been watching me, then added, "I had an eye on you myself. "

Surprised, I answered, "I didn't even know anybody knew my name."

I asked her what her name was and she replied, "Susan."

She stepped up closer to me and abruptly kissed me. As she then stepped back, I did not want her to leave. I was suddenly extremely attracted to her. I wanted to know more about her, such as her age, but I wasn't sure that asking her age would be proper. It sounded as if she said she had to leave, and she reached the door and was headed out, I reflected that I did not even have her phone number. I thought of hollering out to her, but I did not want to do that. I thought maybe I would see her there again at a later date. I would have just liked to have talked more with her. Getting physical wasn't even necessary. Having a conversation would be perfectly fine. I was definitely sure that I liked her.

I headed back toward the middle room. On the way, I thought I saw myself in a mirror. I was wearing a black and green stripped shirt which had a tear around my left shoulder. Looking in the mirror, I reflected that I hadn't even planned on coming out that evening. I hadn't even dressed to be out. Nevertheless, I thought I would return to the middle room and take a closer look at some of the women.

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