Dream of: 22 April 2012 "No Challenge"

I was riding in a car which my sister (probably in her late 30s) was driving through an area which resembled Hurst, Texas. My sister pulled into a convenience store which resembled the Seven-Eleven store which used to set on the corner of Precinct Line Road and Grapevine Highway in Hurst. I got out of the car, walked into the store, and bought a few things. When I walked back outside carrying two plastic bags, my sister's white car was nowhere to be seen. I waited and waited until I finally realized that she had simply left me there. I started walking until I made it back to a house which resembled the Summerdale Drive House (where I lived from 1993 to 2006), only different.

I walked into the house and found my father (probably in his 50s) standing inside. When I asked him if my sister was there, he responded, "No."

As I stood there, my sister walked in the door, and I sarcastically said, "Thanks."

I was a bit angry that she had left me at the store. She didn't say anything. I reflected that I had frequently been picking her up from school lately so that she wouldn't have to walk home. I told her that I wasn't going to be picking her up from school every day anymore.

Then her son Steven (around 20 years old) walked in. As my father listened, a discussion among us ensued. I was certain that my sister thought that I was the black sheep of the family and that she and her family were all regular hard-working people. Obviously she didn't think that I fit into the same category as they. In particular she disdained my lack of a regular job like all of her family had.

We had previously been in Ohio, but now we were back in Texas, where I knew I was licensed to practice law. I told them that if I wanted, I could hang out a shingle tomorrow and begin practicing law. I looked at Steven and told him that I didn't want to live the way they did because there was "no challenge" in doing so.

I vaguely remembered one of my recent dreams which had seemed like a poetic work. I thought the dream had encapsulated what I was trying to say, but I couldn't remember it well at the moment. I realized that they wouldn't understand the dream anyway. Explaining how I felt seemed futile. The main point was that I was satisfied with the life I had chosen and that I certainly wouldn't want to have the life which they led.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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