Dream of: 18 April 2012 "Lost In The Labyrinth"

Sometimes you need to find others before you find yourself.

My mother, my sister and I were walking in the downtown area of a large Midwestern city, probably either Memphis or St. Louis. When my sister decided to go off on her own for a while, I was left with my mother. I sat down on a bench while my mother stood nearby. After a short while, however, when I turned around to look for my mother, she was nowhere to be found.

Since my mother had Alzheimer's, I was immediately worried about her safety. If she had wandered off and become lost, she wouldn't know what to do. I looked all around me, trying to figure out which way she had gone. The sidewalks were packed with people and the whole area was far more vast than I had realized. I headed off in one direction, looking all around me.

Only now did I realize that I didn't even have a cell phone with me so I couldn't call my sister, and I didn't know how I would regroup with my sister. I thought I might end up having to enlist the police and report my mother as a missing person. At least I thought my mother probably wouldn't be distraught - she was probably simply wandering around in a happy daze and she wouldn't even remember the whole thing when it was all over.

I walked and walked through labyrinthine streets and modern steely stores. Everything seemed connected with one store bleeding into another and the streets elegantly entwining the whole works. The place was gigantic and I began to despair that I would ever find my mother or my sister.

Suddenly I was surprised to come across my father sitting at a little table in a park-like area. When I walked up to him, he was talking on a cell phone and I quickly realized he was talking on the phone with my sister. I asked him to let me use the phone and he handed it to me. I quickly told my sister that I had lost our mother. I told her I had been reading a newspaper and when I had looked up, she had disappeared. (I really wasn't sure I had actually been reading a newspaper, but it seemed as if I had).

My sister was pleasant and friendly on the phone and she seemed unconcerned about my mother. She apparently simply thought my mother would turn up. I was just about to hang up with her when I realized that I needed to tell her to meet me somewhere and I tried to think of a place where we could meet. I had already seen so many places downtown, but I couldn't seem to think of a specific one. I kept trying to think of a spot to meet back up with my sister.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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