Dream of: 16 April 2012 (2) "Lock-Down Accomplished"

reading other people's dreams is almost like moving in with them

I was in a gigantic house which almost seemed more like a warehouse than a house, although it was decked out inside like a house. Probably 30-40 people were there and we all planned to lock ourselves into the house and stay there during the entire winter without going outside. The house seemed to be in the same location as the House in Patriot, Ohio where my maternal grandparents lived when I was a child.

Each door to the house was a double door. All the people were inside and we were finishing the locking of the doors in preparation for our stay in the house. I thought that I was the person in charge. I wasn't officially in charge, but I looked at myself that way. I was walking around and checking all the doors before the final lockdown. I noticed some cracks here and there in the walls which would need tending to assure that we were completely safe inside. It almost seemed as if we were working on a scheduled countdown for the final shutting-in and I finally hollered out that the doors were locked.

After the final door had been locked, I pulled a wooden chair into the middle room and was getting ready to sit down when I heard the gas furnace ignite. It seemed as if the furnace was kicking on a little early, but at least it was on.

I said something, then I clapped. A few other people also clapped. The clapping signified that we had accomplished the lock-down.

I walked into another room where I discovered a young boy about ten years old. I saw him spit on the floor. He had spat all the way from one side of the room to the other. Indignant, I told him that we were not going to tolerate that kind of thing.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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