Dream of: 16 April 2012 "Stealing Food"

Michelle and another girl showed up at the room where I was staying in what seemed like an old hotel. I had some candy and some other food, and without my permission, Michelle took my candy and food. When I tried to grab back the candy and food from her, I was unsuccessful because my hand went right through Michelle as if she were mist.

They both left and I heard them go to a room on the floor above mine. I snuck up to their room when they weren't there. I saw that they had some food in the room, I began taking it all. Apparently a man had also been there with them and he had also left some food there. I also took his food. Specifically, he had left a couple big Snickers bar which I grabbed. As I headed back downstairs, I started eating the food (including the Snickers bars) as fast as I could.

I was nervous because I normally wouldn't do something like that. I was fed up, however, with the way Michelle treated me, and so I had decided to take the food. Once I reached my room, I sat down and waited. I heard them walking down the stairs and I knew they were right outside my door. When I heard Michelle say something about pressing charges against me, I hollered through the door, "I'll beat your brains in."

I was just saying that and I had no intention of actually doing it.

The preceding dream is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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