Dream of: 10 April 2012 "Jesus' Belt"

Another example of my ambivalence in fencing-in my primal nature.

At first I seemed to be watching a television program, but then I was actually on the location of the show which I had been watching. The bizarre show was about a man who kept bears in his back yard. The bears were running back and forth from one end of the yard to the other. The flimsy wire fence - only about a meter high and with large holes in some places - was clearly inadequate for harboring the bears. The whole place seemed dangerous.

As I watched the bears run, I noticed that some black-as-night African natives were running with them. Then I noticed yet other people mixed in the group. The bears and the people would run all the way to one end of the yard and then pile up on each other in a confused mass. There must have been over 100 bears and people all mixed together in a big pile. Some of them started kicking each other in the pile and the activity - with bears and people mixed together - looked extremely dangerous. Apparently, however, up to that point at least, no one had been hurt.

Then I noticed that one of the animals wasn't a bear, but a huge fat pig. When the enormous pig fell over on its back, a bunch of little pigs ran up to it and started sucking on its tits. The sight of the pigs likewise seemed bizarre to me.

Then I noticed that a woman (probably in her late 20s), completely naked, had lain down on her back and spread her legs apart. At first I thought the woman was a black African, but she was covered with so much mud, I wasn't even sure whether she was black or white. Someone was standing over her with a movie camera and filming her. She spread her legs even more and the camera focused in on her black pubic region. The sight was both disgusting and captivating at the same time. 

I noticed another woman whom I recognized inside the fenced area. I didn't know her well, but I was acquainted with her. I couldn't tell what she was doing, but a group of people was gathered around her and it looked as if she might be having sex right there in front of everyone. As I watched, my hand was hanging over the fence on the inside, and somehow the woman and I began holding hands. I couldn't exactly define the emotion which I felt from holding the woman's hand, but I did enjoy it.

I was stunned when the woman said something about "Jesus' belt." That seemed so strange. I told her that just the previous night I had had a dream in which I had been talking about Jesus' belt. The subject was all the more strange because I had not even known that Jesus had had a belt, and much less had I ever heard anyone talk about Jesus' belt. I likewise did not recall having ever read about Jesus having a belt. It was so strange that I would have had a dream the previous night about Jesus' belt, and then the very next day someone would start talking about Jesus' belt.

At the same time, it vaguely seemed as if I myself had a belt which had something to do with Jesus.

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