Dream of: 01 April 2012 "Keeping Cool"

My old friend Steve Weinstein and I were walking along together, headed to an auditorium where I was going to take part in a debate. We had just left one location, where I had agreed to debate someone in front of an audience, something I had never done before. As I talked with Steve, he tried to encourage me. I thought he would make a good debater. I wished I could debate someone in a practice round in front of Steve so that he could tell me what I was doing wrong. I thought he would clearly also be able to see my strengths. I told him that I anticipated that my biggest problem would be fear in front of so many people. I thought some people who didn't even like me might be in the group. Maybe old law school professors who didn't care for me would be in the audience.

When I asked Steve if he had ever been in front of anyone like that, his mind abruptly began going around in circles and he would forget what he was talking about. He looked as if he were drawing a big blank. Drawing a big blank was exactly what I feared most. He said, yea, that he understood exactly what I meant when I said that.

At the same time, I thought there was a chance that I would adequately handle the debate. Even though I didn't even know what the debate was going to be about, I figured was able to talk about most problems. I suspected the subject would be a social problem. I only needed to keep my cool when I stood up in front of all the people.

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