Dream of: 31 March 2012 "Prisoner By Mistake"

My mother and I were together in a city which somehow seemed like Columbus, Ohio. We were on the second floor of an old-fashioned hotel. I was looking out the window at the downtown street outside. As I watched the traffic, a car suddenly came whizzing down the street and slammed into the back of the car in front of it. I couldn't see who was driving the speeding car, but a black man was driving the car which was hit. He was leaning over in the seat as his car rolled off the street. He had been hit so hard, I was afraid his neck might have been broken. He didn't seem to be moving.

After sitting and observing for a minute, I finally stood up and walked outside. I walked up to the black man, who was already standing outside his car. Thinking he might need a witness, I told him I had seen the whole thing, but he didn't seem concerned. When he walked away and left me standing there, I thought surely the police or an ambulance would soon show up. I waited and waited until a van which appeared to be a police vehicle pulled up right in front of me. Since I was standing a short ways from the scene of the accident, I thought the van was picking me up to take me on up to the accident. When someone opened the door to the van, I jumped inside. I sat in the back in the middle of three other fellows. Two more fellows were sitting in the front seat.

We headed down the road and rode right past the accident. I could see blood on the side of the snow-covered road.

I realized I had made a mistake and that this vehicle had not been going to the accident at all. As the men in the van talked, I finally realized that the three men in back were prisoners, and that the two men in front were guards who were taking the prisoners to a prison. I spoke to the driver and told him that I didn't belong there; apparently he didn't even know that I had boarded the van. He just ignored me and in a flash we pulled into the prison. I climbed out of the van, still trying to convince the guards that I didn't belong there.

I was only wearing an old pair of slippers. I had neither money nor identification. I did have some sort of ATT calling card which I pulled out of my pocket. I thought perhaps I could call someone but I couldn't remember anybody's number. I tried to remember people's phone numbers, but nothing came to me. As the guard started to walk off, I told him that my mother had Alzheimer's and that she couldn't be left alone for more than a half hour. I was worried about her not knowing where I was.

I walked through a door and suddenly realized that I was in a yard area with prisoners standing all around. I didn't know what to do. I walked up to a guard and tried to talk with him, but he paid no attention to me. Finally I saw a black female guard (around 25 years old) sitting on a chair. I walked over to her and began telling her what had happened to me. I started out saying, "You're not going to believe this ..."

When I told her what had happened to me, she looked at me incredulously as if she half way believe what I was telling her. I told her that she would be rewarded if she would help me, but I still wasn't sure that she was going to help me.

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