Dream of: 28 March 2012 (2) "Sprayed"

I was lying in my bed in my second-floor bedroom in the 17th Street House in Portsmouth, Ohio while my sister was lying next to me under the cover. I had my arm around her and she seemed shorter than usual. My mother (perhaps 50 years old) was lying on the other side of my sister. I rather wanted to have sex with my sister and I thought I might also have sex with my mother. But I didn't think my sister would have sex with me and I didn't think I would be able to have sex with my mother as long as my sister was in the bed.

My mother managed to scoot closer to me. She looked right at me and said that she thought that Jeffrey had gotten hurt. I thought she was a bit crazy and I had no idea what or who she was talking about. When she then said something which made me think that she thought she was pregnant, I began worrying that I might have had sex with her during the last month and that she might be pregnant with my baby. That was a worrisome proposition. I didn't know how I would explain that to everyone.

My mother finally rose from the bed and walked downstairs. I walked down with her and I let her out onto the back porch so she could go out to pee. After I had left her out there for a minute, I realized that I probably shouldn't have left her alone outside like that. And since I realized that I also needed to pee, I also walked out onto the back porch. I walked over to my mother, and when she informed me that she was peeing right there off the side of the porch, I decided to also pee off the porch.

I had already noticed that some loud music was emanating from the neighbor's back yard. My neighbor's house, however, was no longer there - just a big empty woody lot. Somehow, however, a sound system had been hooked up next door in the vacant lot and it was blaring away. I thought this was a holiday and that my neighbors were over there in the lot playing the music loud. I wondered why I hadn't heard the music upstairs. I thought I might have to call my neighbors and ask them to turn the music down and I tried to remember their name. I remembered that the last name was Albrecht.

Just then, Kirsten (a brown pit bull which my young sometimes-girlfriend Michelle had left with me) suddenly ran outside and ran straight up the hill behind the House. I heard her growling and I thought I saw some kind of animal up in the woods on the hillside. Suddenly Kirsten ran back off the hillside pursuing two skunks, one in front of her and one behind her. As the skunks tried to escape, Kirsten tried to attack them. I immediately worried that the skunks would spray her. One skunk finally turned around with its back toward Kirsten and I saw a jet of spray shoot out of its tail. For about ten seconds Kirsten just stood there absorbing the spray on her chest. Obliviously she was doused. Even though Kirsten was being sprayed, she kept attacking the skunks and simply would not stop. Kirsten finally managed to rip off all the hair of one skunk until nothing was left on the skunk but white fatty skin. Kirsten continued to attack the skunk and tore off chunks of the fat from the skunk.

Off to my left, on the ground next to the porch, some other kind of large animal pulled up, almost like a car pulling up. I had not idea what that animal was.

When another little dog which looked just like Kirsten showed up, (only much smaller), I wasn't sure whether it had been sprayed by the skunks. It reminded me of a little pig. I thought about picking it up by the ears and carrying it into the House.

After Kirsten and the skunks took off running down the alley, I thought I was going to have to go look for her.

When my sister finally walked outside, I told her about Kirsten and the skunks. She told me to just leave Kirsten alone and that Kirsten would come back that evening. Nevertheless, I thought I was going to have to go look for Kirsten.

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