Dream of: 19 March 2012 "Shunned"


As I was walking around a law school, I walked into a room where I found gathered the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court. They were all tall strong-looking men (probably in their 50s and 60s) and all were dressed in dark suits (not robes) and were standing around the room. I was dressed in a gray suit. I reflected that I had recently met the nine justices and I felt somewhat self-conscious because I had been wearing this same gray suit the first time I had met them. I was unsure whether wearing the same suit twice in a row was appropriate when meeting justices of the Supreme Court. The first time I had met with the justices, they had been looking forward to meeting me because something special about me had intrigued them. This time, however, was quite different.

I walked around the room, half holding up my right hand to shake the hands of the justices, but none of them seemed to want to shake my hand. Unsure what the problem was, I lowered my hand. I quickly had the impression that the justices were shunning me. Finally I spoke to one justice and he confirmed my suspicion. For some reason, the judges hadn't been impressed with me the first time they had met me. They had found something wrong with me and they did not want to have anything further to do with me.

Disheartened, I walked out of the room. I headed for another building which I needed to find on the campus and finally I walked into a large auditorium where many law students were congregated. They all looked young (only 17-18 years old). Most were wearing suits or sweaters. A few fellows with long blond hair caught my attention. I asked one how I could reach the law library. I knew I needed to look up something in the library. After he gave me directions to the library, I turned and walked out of the auditorium.

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