Dream of: 17 March 2012 "Retrieving My Rug"


As I was leaving the Gay Street House (in Portsmouth, Ohio), I stopped on the porch and checked the mail box. I pulled out several envelopes addressed to my father, then found one small envelope addressed to me. I stepped back inside the House and laid down the other envelopes on a desk, then opened the envelope addressed to me. I quickly saw that the envelope contained a notice (and a receipt) to me from a storage facility. The notice advised me that property which I had left at the facility would be disposed of if I did not reclaim it.

I was completely surprised. I did not even know that I had anything in storage. I seemed to recall that I had once stored some of my possessions in a storage facility in Portsmouth (perhaps even two or three times) but I did not recall having anything in storage at the present. I thought I needed to immediately go to the storage facility and see what was there. I tried to recall what I might have left there, but I was drawing a complete blank. I knew that I did indeed have some possessions in Portsmouth, but I simply did not recall having anything in storage.

I boarded my white Escort and headed east on Gallia Street until I reached the Temple Baptist Church on my right (across the street from where the old Portsmouth High School used to stand). Obviously something was going on there because cars and trucks were parked all up and down the street. I decided to stop and I pulled into the only parking place available, right in front of the church.

As soon as I stepped out of the car a thin man (probably in his 40s) walked up to me and told me that an auction was taking place just around the corner. In his hand he was carrying a tall vase which he had bought at the auction. I wasn't much interested in his vase, but I still thought I might go to the auction.

Instead, however, I realized that all the stuff which I was supposed to have left in the storage facility was actually lying right there on the sidewalk. Parked in the street beside my possessions was a semi-truck which I recognized as the truck which I had originally used to haul my possessions when I had stored them at the storage facility. Since I knew I had originally paid to use the truck, I thought I could use it again now to haul my things. I quickly began picking up my things and placing them in the truck. I was especially interested in retrieving my colorful hand-woven carpet which I had had for so many years and which I thought had been made in Iran. I also had a second red carpet which I placed on the truck.

Only after I boarded the truck and started driving down the road did I realize I did not actually have the authority to take the truck. Even though the truck was listed on the receipt which I had, I knew I still needed to check with the owner of the truck. I headed toward the storage facility. As I drove, I looked over the receipt and noticed I was also being charged for an old VHS movie tape. Apparently the place also rented movies. It looked as if I had rented an old black and white movie. I wondered if I still had the tape and if I would be charged for all this time.

I arrived at the storage place and parked the truck in front. I got out and walked inside into a large room with all kinds of collectible-type things sitting around. I saw the man in charge (he resembled a man whom I had met many years ago at a U-Haul business in Portsmouth). I immediately pulled out my receipt and told him that I needed to take care of that. At the same time, I asked him if he knew that I had taken his truck. He said, "No."

He gave me a strange look, as if I had done something wrong. But he gave me the impression that he was simply going to charge me extra for the truck.

Another man in the room mentioned that I had the carpet. The man in charge showed interest, as if he might be interested in buying the rug. I told him that I did not want to sell it, but that I would show it to him. I thought the rug might be worth $1,000. It was a hand-woven rug which I thought might have come from Iran. I really liked it. I was particularly attached to it because I myself had once spent time in Iran.

The man who had started talking about the rug continued. He pointed to the white ceiling and said that the rug was as white as the ceiling. I knew that wasn't true. The rug had some beige coloring in it, but it wasn't white. Besides, the rug was now a little dirty. I hadn't used the rug for a long time, but I had recently put it on the floor and as a result it had become a little soiled. I thought I would bring in the rug and show it to the man in charge.

The man in charge walked toward a large old-fashioned cash register. He was apparently going to prepare the bill. Meanwhile, I headed toward the storage facility which was actually in the neighboring building. I thought I still had some stuff there which I needed to retrieve. 

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