Dream of: 12 March 2012 "Repairs Gone Wrong"

My father (around 50 years old) and I were walking through the Gay Street House where he lived in Portsmouth, Ohio. We were examining areas of the House which needed work and I was planning to help with the repairs. When we stopped in the large middle room on the first floor, I was surprised to see that much of the wallpaper had come loose and was simply hanging from the walls and ceiling. I was especially surprised because my father and I had re-papered the room only a few years ago. I was also unprepared to see that even some of the drywall had also come loose since the drywall likewise had been replaced at the same time.

My father and I walked outside on the Gay Street side of the House where he had also been working. He pointed out the curb (which had been painted white in one section) and said that he intended to provide more parking on that side of the House.

He then walked toward the back of the House where a porch was under construction. Part of the porch roof was missing and the floor of the porch was only partially intact. Obviously a great deal of work would be required and I reflected that I would probably be working on the House for quite a while.

When my father climbed up onto the porch, I saw that his weight was only supported by one board which looked as if were about to break. I was getting ready to say something to him about his precarious position when suddenly the board snapped and he disappeared from sight. I hurried toward him, but I had difficulty reaching him because there was so much discarded wood and debris lying on the ground, and something seemed to have a hold of my foot, holding me back. With effort I reached the area where he had fallen and I was astonished to see that he had sunk into a pool of black murky water. He was completely submerged. I knew I would have to jump in and try to save him.

My foot, however, was caught on something and I couldn't reach the water. As I struggled toward the black pool, other people had gathered around. I groaned to them, "Help! Someone help!" But no one did anything and I began to fear that I would be too late to save my father.

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