Dream of: 10 March 2012 "Burning Church"

I was somehow being forced to go into a church. A girl (only 15-16 years old) was with me. It seemed that she and I had been traveling around together and we had ended up in a small town somewhere far out in the country. Now, as a result of some bad act which I had committed, I had to go to church.

When the girl and I walked into the church, I saw that it was packed with hundreds of country folk. A couple ladies led the girl off to a seat and a couple other ladies stood ready to help me find a place to sit. I saw an open space in a pew in the first row right in front of the preacher, who was already preaching at the pulpit. One of the ladies stepped up to him and asked him if I could sit in the front row. He was a gaunt gnarly fellow (around 60 years old). He stopped his sermon for a moment and indicated that I could not sit in the front row. He then resumed preaching.

The women led me toward the rear of the church and indicated that I would have to sit on the floor. I saw the girl, who was already sitting on the floor, and I sat down close to her. All the pews around us were packed with people and I felt uncomfortable huddled up on the floor. The church was so full of people, it even seemed a bit dangerous and I wondered what would happen if someone were to shout, "Fire!" Would everyone start shoving and pushing and crushing people to death?

As I sat, a phantasmagoric story and images formed in my mind. Instead of my being in the church, I began to imagine watching the girl and a boy (likewise 15-16 years old) in the church. The girl had devised a diabolical plan and the boy was going along with her: she was going to burn down the church with the people in it.

I tried to imagine how she might start the fire. I thought she might put some gasoline in a little container, then pour a stream of gas on the floor up to the container. Then she could light the end of the stream and the flame could race to the container.

Different images flashed in my mind. From high above the church outside I could see the church burning and I could hear people screaming. I wondered how the people could be prevented from escaping. I imagined the boy could help the girl in that department. I could see him going into a basement, then coming up outside the church door. I envisioned his cramming a steel pole in the handles of the doors so it could not be pushed open. Then I even saw an image of the church on fire and people on the outside trying to break through the doors to save the people on the inside.

The images continued to the time after the fire. I did not know how many hundreds had died, but the boy and girl had survived. Immediately they were suspected and an investigation was underway. It turned out that the boy and girl had arrived in the town the previous night and that they had camped out on a nearby hillside. While there, the girl had written some words in fire on the hillside. When I saw the burning words, I knew that her interest in fire would prove strong evidence against her for the church fire. The boy knew it too and as he was being questioned about the fire, he blurted, "She did it."

I was astonished! That quickly they were caught. It did not make a lot of sense. The whole thing seemed like insane folly.

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