Dream of: 06 March 2012 "Unreasonable Confrontation"

My young blonde paramour, Michelle, had showed up at my 17th Street House, and she and I were standing in the kitchen. Dressed in a white bath robe, she was about 20 years old and absolutely gorgeous. She seemed happy and was in a particularly pleasant mood. She and I were planning to go another house which I owned and spend the night together. I was definitely looking forward to being with her. When I told her she should take off the robe, she said she couldn't do that because she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She opened the robe in front and revealed that she was completely naked except for a white bra. I stared at her blonde pubic region and thought of touching her, but refrained.

As she closed her robe, we suddenly heard someone coming down the stairs. As the person stormed into the kitchen, I realized he was my father. He had dark black hair and was around 50 years old. He was obviously enraged and he headed straight for Michelle. Fearing he was going to hit Michelle, I stepped in front of him and stopped him. I knew that he passionately disliked Michelle, and I was determined to stop him from hurting her. I stood in front of him and told him I would hit him if necessary. I knew that if I were to do such a thing that he would cut me out of his will. This confrontation could cost me dearly.

He stood staring at me. I pleaded with him to be reasonable. I pointed out that I had just talked with him a short while before and that he and I had planned to do something together. I argued that there was no point in his acting like this. He continued to stare angrily at me.

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