Dream of: 26 February 2012 "Death Of My Father"

I was standing in a room of a house when unexpectedly my paternal grandmother Mabel, my paternal step-grandfather Clarence, and my sister walked into the room. When my grandmother looked sorrowfully at me without speaking, I immediately sensed what had happened: my father had died. I asked and they confirmed my suspicion. I silently slumped into a chair. I sat wondering how I would react and was a bit surprised by my lack of emotion. I just felt numb.

I wondered if now was an appropriate time to bring up the subject of my father's will and I asked where my step-mother was, but no one seemed to know. I became worried because I knew my father had recently changed his will and had left more property to me. If my step-mother had access to the will, she might destroy it. I recalled, however, that my father had left a second original of the will with his attorney, Smith, so I thought I should be safe from my step-mother's interference.

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