Dream of: 23 February 2012 "Chest Pains"

I was visiting a Spanish-speaking tropical island somewhere in the Caribbeans. I was attending some kind of class, sitting outside with perhaps ten other people, waiting for the teacher to arrive. I saw my old high school classmate, Laura (who had become one of my Facebook friends), and I recalled that she had recently posted on Facebook that she had experienced chest pains and that she had gone to a doctor to have the pains checked. I reflected that I sometimes had chest pains and I thought I also should probably have them checked. However, I wasn't sure how much the check-up would cost and I did not want to pay for it. I did not have insurance. At the same time, however, it seemed as if I had already had a check-up and as if I had received a report about my "bronch." It sounded as if at least I did not have a heart problem, although I still might have some sort of serious problem.

The professor finally walked in. He started talking, but no one else, including myself, was saying anything. I thought he might think I was a bit dense because I wasn't talking, but I figured if he later learned that I was a lawyer, he might be more impressed.

He finally decided to give us a little quiz. He pulled out a little paper, walked to the other side of the room and started talking to someone there. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but finally I saw that he was showing us a picture of an old-looking plane on the back of a magazine. The plane was supposed to arrive somewhere on a certain date. At first I did not understand what we were supposed to do, but then I heard someone say, "Write the date."

I looked at the person and realized she was my old junior high classmate, Peggy Walker. I also realized then that we were supposed to divine the date of the plane's arrival by simply looking at the picture. Then we were supposed to write down the date on a piece of paper.

I scrutinized the picture and somehow picked up the date "1929." Something else in the picture made me think the arrival would be in August. As the professor walked around the room and displayed the picture, the students wrote down their dates on a piece of paper. When the professor finally walked up to me and asked me the date, I said, "August the first."

When he said something which made me realize that I had given the wrong date, I immediately said, "August the fifteenth."

The professor stared at me in amazement and he said that I was almost right. Apparently the actually date was just a little later, but I was very close.

The professor looked back and forth at Laura and me. Apparently she had also come up with the same date which I had given. As I looked at Laura, I had the feeling that she was more intelligent than I had previously thought. The professor also looked at her as if she were intelligent.

By now, we were all sitting together around a table. When the professor said something else, I told him that I did not even know what this class was about. It seemed as if we were simply sitting around and talking. I thought we were supposed to be learning something by doing this, but I did not know what.

As we continued talking, I ruminated that I needed another man to hang around me, somebody like Sancho Panza was for Don Quixote. I needed someone like that with whom to talk, the way Don Quixote used to talk with Sancho.

I remembered once when I had lived in Puerto Rico, I had had a friend from the Dominican Republic named Kant Brito. He had been somewhat like a Sancho Panza companion for me. I missed having someone like that.

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