Dream of: 18 February 2012 "Jaded"

Several people and I were riding in the back seat of a car. An attractive girl (perhaps 20 years old) was sitting to my left. We both had a little bit of the same kind of marijuana and we were both trying to roll joints in some cigarette papers which were black on one side and white on the other. We were both having difficulty rolling our joints. When I licked my paper it wouldn't stick. Finally I realized I had been trying to roll my joint so the black side of the paper would be on the outside. Obviously I had rolled the joint wrong and the white side of the paper should have been on the outside. As I poured the pot back out onto something which looked like a writing tablet, my pot suddenly blew out the window. I was upset, but there wasn't much I could do.

I moved closer to the girl, who was already quite close to me. I put my arm around her and I barely touched her leg with my finger for just a second, just to see how she would react. She did not say anything. I felt more and more attracted to her the closer our faces came to each other.

I thought I might like to start a relationship with this girl. I knew that I had broken up with my beautiful young blonde paramour, Michelle. Since I knew that this girl knew Michelle, I thought of mentioning to her that I had broken up with Michelle. It seemed as if this girl was a niece of Wayne (Michelle's ex-boyfriend).

Finally the girl stood up right in front of me (we were now in a room). When I now looked at her face, she wasn't as attractive as I had originally thought. Still she was only about 20 years old and I still thought we might get together.

I also stood up. I still wanted to smoke some pot and I noticed a bag of pot lying in the room. At first I thought the pot belonged to me and I picked it up. Then I saw a much larger bag full of green pot and I also picked it up. Finally I realized, however, that neither bag of pot belonged to me. Since other people were in the house, I laid the pot back down, worried that someone might think that I was trying to steal it.

I thought if I could figure out who owned the pot, perhaps I could buy some. I walked down a hallway to a back bedroom, walked in, and found several fellows gathered there. I asked one of the fellows if he could sell me ten dollars worth of pot and he told me he could. He walked over to a little table, rolled up three joints and handed them to me. Then he said, "You shouldn't have done that."

I realized he was saying that I shouldn't have offered to buy the pot there in the house. I looked more closely around the room. There were perhaps ten fellows gathered there and all of them were smoking marijuana. I realized this was one of those kinds of houses where everyone smoked all the time. I had heard about these kinds of houses, but I had never been in one. I said to the fellow, "Ok, " then took the three joints and said something like, "Well, lets go."

I had decided I would simply join in with the crowd and smoke my joints there. I sat down on the side of a bed. Then I looked at the floor and I saw a joint lying there which was lit in the middle. I wasn't sure whether it was a joint or a rolled-up cigarette. As the other fellows continued smoking, I lit a joint. I looked around again at the other fellows. They were all young, around 20 years old, except one fellow who was probably around 40 years old. He was wearing glasses and looked like the studious type, but he looked a bit jaded.

I wondered if I should start talking about strange things once I started smoking, or if I should simply keep my mouth shut.

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