Dream of: 17 February 2012 "Unliked By God"

My crippled brother Chris, another man, and I had just started fishing in a lake. I had a little rod and reel with a bobber on the end of my line. The other man put a little butterfly on my hook and I cast it out into the lake. Almost immediately something grabbed the hook and took off. As the others watched, I pulled back the line, but the fish managed to slip the hook. When I pulled the line in, the hook was attached to an old bicycle frame which I could see in the water. The hook came off the bicycle frame and I pulled my line on in.

Chris and I were sitting at the top of a steep bank, about ten meters above the water. We would have to descend the bank when we left and I began to doubt we could make it back down. Chris was trying to fish but he was having difficulty moving because of his muscular dystrophy. He began complaining about his muscular dystrophy and he said he couldn't understand why he was afflicted. I looked at him and said, "God obviously doesn't like you."

He seemed to understand what I was saying, but he protested that he hadn't done anything. I told him he must have done something in another life. He seemed to accept what I was saying as being probably true, even though neither he nor I understood how the other-life theory worked. I was simply trying to be honest with him in explaining why he was the way he was.

I needed to go to the bathroom. There was a door right there in the side of the steep hill where we were. I walked through the door and looked for a bathroom. I walked down a little corridor toward a door at the end. Suddenly the door at the end opened and a slender clean-cut man (around 35 years old) was standing there. As he stared at me, I began to fret that he might try to molest me and I tried to back out, but for some reason my pants were catching on the floor and I couldn't move back fast enough.

The man stood there talking in a strange way for a bit, then he moved over to the other side and stepped into another corridor. I thought I was going to manage to escape when the man suddenly screamed out that something of his had been taken. I knew that I certainly hadn't taken anything. I tried to escape back out the main door, but something was holding me back. The man was right behind me again, but he just stood there without bothering me. I still wasn't certain whether he was going to be a problem.

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