Dream of: 14 February 2012 "Obscene Painting"

I think that this dream poses the question of posting obscene dreams on the Dream Journal.


I was in a room whose walls were covered by various paintings. The artists of the paintings were now sitting around the room and looking at the paintings. Apparently each person had brought at least one painting to the exhibit and I had also brought one. We were told that if anyone had any objection to a particular painting, that person could take down the painting. As some people walked around and looked at the various paintings, I watched one fellow walk up to mine and scrutinize it. When I thought I saw him scratch something off my painting, I clearly warned him, "Do not deface the painting."

The fellow looked at me, backed off, and sat down.

Another fellow was looking at a painting and then took it off the wall. The painter of that particular painting was the actor Liam Neeson, who was standing straight across from me. I said something, then Neeson seemed to defend the painting by saying that it was just a "street scene" and that it contained nothing obscene. I could see the painting and I agreed with what Neeson said, although the painting was difficult to comprehend because it was so abstract. I couldn't tell what it was, but I clearly saw nothing obscene.

The fellow who had taken down the painting from the wall held the painting in his hands and gazed upon it for a while, then hung it back up on the wall.

Each person was supposed to select a painting which he appreciated. Then we would discuss the paintings we had chosen with the painter. Another person and I picked Liam Neeson's painting. Now we planned to discuss Neeson's painting with him.

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