Dream of: 12 February 2012 "Dinosaur Logo"

I was living in Texas, but I was visiting my old hometown, Portsmouth, Ohio. My mother and I had had sex one time while I had been in Portsmouth. The sex hadn't been remarkable. I thought I might like to have sex with her once more before I left, but I did not know if I would be able to.

I was at the huge Gay Street House, where my mother was living. I was in a hurry to leave, and I still thought I should visit my father one more time before I left, but I did not know if I would have time for that. I was packing up some things (mostly toys) which I had stored in the House. I had separated the toys into different categories and three or four of the toys bore the Mickey Mouse logo. I had been thinking about logos and I thought I would like to learn more about the process which was involved in developing a logo. I was fascinated by thinking about how a mouse had become the most valuable logo in the world.

When I thought of the way an image turns into a logo, the image of a covered wagon crossed my mind and I could envision a covered wagon becoming a logo.

I was also interested in the legal realm of trademarks and logos. In conjunction therewith, I thought about how many different areas of the law I had studied in law school - and was still studying. I was continually learning new areas of the law, and I wanted to learn more about the fascinating area of trademarks and logos.

One of the little toys in front of me was a set of tiny earphones which had to be stuck in the ear canals.  The earphones were still wrapped in the package. I had thought that the earphones would carry the Mickey Mouse logo, but when I looked at the package I saw that the logo was something else which looked like a tiny little dinosaur and I realized the earphones weren't sponsored by Mickey Mouse. The dinosaur logo was so small, I wondered if it was even effective.

Even though I was in a hurry to finish what I was doing, I walked all the way up into the attic where I found even more stuff. I first saw some old computer equipment which I had stored in the attic and then some computer cords which were used to connect a computer to another device. I thought that I at least ought to know where this equipment was, and actually, that I really needed to dispose of much of this stuff.

I next spotted a little toy which looked like the canine comic character Snoopy and I thought it must belong to my sister and her children. I figured my sister had stored the toy in the attic and I thought I would like to have it. But I did not think I should take Snoopy if he belonged to her. I wouldn't want her to take something which belonged to me. At first I thought the little Snoopy toy might be a flashlight. I picked it up, set it on a table, and when I clicked a button, Snoopy's feet began moving, but he repeatedly fell over on his face. I couldn't seem to make him work right.

I finally decided to leave Snoopy there in the attic.

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