Dream of: 10 February 2012 "Faster Than Ever"

I was standing atop a forested hill with a group of people. We were planning to go hiking toward some mountains which we could see in the distance. A couple of the mountains were white and looked more like huge jagged pieces of ice. I thought we might even climb those.

As the others began slowly trekking forward toward the mountains, I had a different idea. I broke away from them and began running in the opposite direction back down the hill. Soon I began jumping up on the trunks of the trees I was passing and started rapidly bouncing from tree to tree. I was able to bounce higher and higher until I was actually above the tree tops, leaping from tree to tree.

Finally I was moving so fast, I actually took flight. In a standing position, I soared up above the trees, up above the hills. I swooped down over a valley of trees. The sensation was extraordinarily exhilarating. I was in complete control of my flying and had no fears about my ability. I flew faster and faster, perhaps faster than I had ever flown, as the hills and the mountains passed below me. It was a feeling of sheer enjoyment.

When I was ready to land, I had to start slowing down. As I approached the earth, I had to fully concentrate. I was still going extremely fast and I had to adjust the position of my body and turn and bank in different directions to slow my velocity. I was confident of my ability to land safely, but I needed to use all my effort to do so. I forced myself to slow down as I raced toward the side of a hill where I intended to land.

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