Dream of: 08 February 2012 "Underlined Word"

I was in a library - someplace I hadn't been in a long time - and I was looking for a book to read. I looked over the colorful books on a shelf until I found a thin one which I thought was supposed to be critically acclaimed and I picked it up. I waked over to an easy-boy chair, sat down and pulled up the leg rest and pushed down the back so I was practically lying on my back.

I began reading and quickly found myself engrossed in the work, but after a couple pages I came across a word which I did not recognize. I underlined the word in ink. I did not want to bother looking up the word, but finally I decided I should, and I stood up. I walked over to a little room which looked like an office and I walked in. Lying on a desk was a dictionary which I picked up and looked for the word, but the word wasn't in the dictionary. I saw a larger dictionary and I thought about looking up the word in it, but I did not want to stay long in the office because I was worried someone would find me there and then discover I had underlined the word in the library-book. I saw that many other words in the book had already been high lightened with an ink marker, but I still thought I could get in trouble for writing in the book. I did not want to lie about it and say I hadn't done it. I just did not want to get caught; so I walked back out of the room without looking up the word in the big dictionary.

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